Mission Accomplished!

Kickin' Ass One Kitten Heel at a Time

Evade the Ordinary

A Playful Guide to Dodging Life's Mundane Moments


Dive into the Chaos and Embrace the Adventure!

Traveling Studio, Seoul and Beijing

By Fey Fey Worldwide

Evade and Conquer

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Conquer!

Our House

Martina Breit's Debut Solo Exhibition

Move That Mountain With 100% of Your Faith

Poems of Overcoming

Is it Too Late?!

Fun time at Bowie

Unlikable, Unfollowed, Unforgiven

Tales of Stardom and Shame

Fashion Fungi

A Secluded Woman's Stylish Statement

Ear-resistible Chronicles

Where Lobe Stories Begin

Showtime BTS

By Fey Fey Worldwide


By Fey Fey Worldwide

If Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder,

then the person who is observing gets to decide what is beautiful.

Hook Line & Sinker

Fishing For Compliments

Art imitates Life

Transforming the Future by Reflecting on the Past <3

Dear Dumb Diary

Got Bored So Fucked Around At the Mall

Cool Girl Out Gardening

Magic Shroom Trip

L’Oeuvre Depot

Can I Speak to the Manager?

High Level Living

Say No To Yes

Four Ways of Saying (✿≧ω≦)/

This is MySpace not Yours

Avenging Never Revenging

Crime Doesn’t Pay


It All Works Out In The End

Keeping up with the SIMS

Staff Pack

Baked Salmon and Chips

With Barra Bread and Ashleys Milk for Desert

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!

Short Summer

Long Style Futures

Cat Tinder

Love at First Meow

Keeping Busy

A Handy Guide To Staying Normal

Cursed Quarantine

Writings In Isolation

I Have Strange Dreams When I Go To Bed Hungry

Caution Hot!

Kendra, Yee,


Michelle, Foran,

I'm Fine

Find a Way, Finding Away

Voluptuous Nude Portraits


With Thianna & Sofia

Up Close & Personal

With Justin & Jackie

Its Not Stealing

Its a Steal!

Power Struggle

Far From Utopia

Kayla Polan

Good Naked & Bad Naked

Rodeo Drive

Fancy Seeing You Here

Laurie Kang

Finding Moments in Stillness

Yi-Shuan Lee

Some Place Safe

Talvi Faustmann


Evie OConnor

People Doing Stuff, Mostly Sitting

Dirty Dancing

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Monica Kim Garza

Free & Easy

The Birds & The Bees

With Amalia

Joshua Advincula

Fun Loving Guy

Yaniya Lee

A Conversation on Growth

Up Close & Personal

With Jordan & Claire

Picture Day

Mistake Overturned, Lesson Learned

You are the Weather

Dressing for a Hot Girl Summer

Up Close & Personal 

With Justin & Beth

A State of Nature

Born Avaricious

Nothing in Particular

A Story About Not a Single Thing


The Secrets We Keep

The Kindergarten  Teacher

For What It's Worth

The Langauge of Vacation

The chicken or the egg?

Vignettes on Fruit

or Something Rotten

In the End, a Grand Chandelier Crushes Them

and It Catches the Light


Two Poems