<p><em>Un</em>likable, <em>Un</em>followed, <em>Un</em>forgiven</p>

February 21, 2024

Unlikable, Unfollowed, Unforgiven

Tales of Stardom and Shame

February 21, 2024

Unlikable, Unfollowed, Unforgiven

Tales of Stardom and Shame

Tale 1: “The Rise and Fall of a Celebrity Diva”

In the dazzling world of Hollywood, there was a starlet named Martina. Martina had it all – fame, fortune, and a personality as big as her entourage. She was adored by fans for her glamorous looks and enviable lifestyle, but little did they know, behind the scenes, Martina had become a bit of a diva.

As Martina’s star rose, so did her ego. She surrounded herself with an entourage of yes-men who catered to her every whim, from fetching her morning latte to fluffing her ego before public appearances.

One fateful day, Madison was scheduled to receive an award for her “outstanding contributions to the entertainment industry” (according to her publicist). As she strutted down the red carpet, she ignored the press and fans, too busy rehearsing her acceptance speech in her head.

When Martina finally took the stage, she was on fire. She thanked herself for her unwavering dedication and talent, and then proceeded to list all the ways she was better than her fellow nominees. The audience, once captivated by her charm, now stared at her in disbelief.

After the ceremony, Martina was bombarded by paparazzi eager for a quote or a glimpse of her infamous temper. Frustrated by their relentless pursuit, Madison snapped. She grabbed an umbrella from her assistant and began to beat a nearby car, shouting obscenities and causing a scene.

The paparazzi, sensing a story, began to chase Martina, cameras flashing and shouting questions. Martina, realizing her mistake, tried to flee, but the paparazzi were relentless. The incident was captured on camera and quickly went viral, turning Martina from a beloved starlet into a punchline.

In the end, Martina’s ego was her downfall. She learned the hard way that in Hollywood, the only thing bigger than your entourage is your humility.

Tale 2: “The Political Paradox of Digital Disgrace”

In the realm of politics, Abigail was a rising star, a politician whose charisma and ability to inspire had captured the hearts of her constituents and garnered admiration from her peers. Her promises of transparency and integrity had set her apart, painting her as a beacon of hope in an often murky landscape.

However, behind Abigail’s polished facade lurked a secret that threatened to unravel her entire career. She had embellished her academic credentials, claiming degrees from prestigious universities she had never attended. It was a calculated risk, a means to bolster her image and appeal to a broader base of supporters.

For a time, Abigail’s deception remained undetected, buried beneath the layers of her carefully crafted persona. But in the age of digital transparency, where information flows freely and secrets are hard to keep, the truth has a way of coming to light.

One day, an investigative journalist, armed with nothing but a computer and a determination to uncover the truth, stumbled upon Abigail’s deceit. Through diligent research and relentless pursuit of the facts, the journalist pieced together the puzzle of Abigail’s false claims and brought them to the forefront of public scrutiny.

The revelation sent shockwaves through the political world. Abigail’s carefully constructed image crumbled, replaced by a stark reality of dishonesty and deception. Her once-adoring supporters felt betrayed, her peers distanced themselves, and the media descended upon her like a pack of hungry wolves.

Despite Abigail’s attempts to salvage her reputation, the damage was irreparable. Her political career lay in ruins, a cautionary tale of the perils of digital deception. She had learned the hard way that in the unforgiving world of politics, honesty is not just a virtue—it’s a necessity. And in the end, it was her lack of it that led to her downfall.

Photo: Kyle Berger

Photo Assist: Jaz Ludwick

Stylist: Linh Nyugen

Models: Martina Briet & Abigail Fiawornu

Assist: Moé Nurse

Inspired by Maha Gondal