<p>If <em>Beauty</em> is in the <em>Eye</em> of the <em>Beholder</em>,</p>

April 4, 2023

If Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder,

then the person who is observing gets to decide what is beautiful.

April 4, 2023

If Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder,

then the person who is observing gets to decide what is beautiful.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, A truth that cannot be ignored. For what one sees as plain and dull, Another may find as grand and bold.

The world is filled with countless things, Each with their own unique appeal. From mountains high to oceans deep, There’s beauty everywhere we feel.

A rose may seem to some so sweet, Its petals soft and colors bright. But others may find thorns too sharp, And choose to keep it out of sight.

A sunset sky with hues of gold, May fill some hearts with pure delight. But others may not see the charm, And simply find it fades to night.

A painting that may take our breath, May seem to others just a mess. For what one sees as art and beauty, To others may be only stress.

A smile upon a stranger’s face, May warm some hearts with joy and grace. But to others, it may be missed, And simply passed by without trace.

The beauty of the world around, Is not the same for all to see. For every heart, it beats a tune, That’s unique and always free.

Our tastes and preferences differ, As do the ways we view the world. But in our differences, we find, A tapestry of life unfurled.

So let us not judge what’s beautiful, By what we see through our own eyes. For beauty is a wondrous thing, That needs no universal prize.

Instead, let us embrace the fact, That beauty lies in every soul. And each one’s view is just as real, As any that we might extol.

For what we see as plain or dull, May be another’s shining light. And what they find so glorious, We may not see with our own sight.

So let us celebrate the beauty, That’s found in every single thing. And see the world with open eyes, And all the joy that it can bring.

Behold the beauty that surrounds, In galleries and halls abound, Where art of every kind is found, And joyous wonder does resound.

A painting on a canvas bright, A sculpture carved in marble’s light, The beauty of the human sight, Captured by the artist’s might.

Brushstrokes on a canvas bare, Colors blended with such care, To create a scene beyond compare, And transport us to another sphere.

The light that dances on a face, A captured moment, time and space, A memory now forever graced, In art’s eternal embrace.

The symmetry of nature’s form, A landscape painted by a storm, A portrait of a soul reborn, Through art, we find our hearts transform.

The power of the artist’s hand, The depth of their creative stand, To transport us to distant lands, And help us to better understand.

In galleries and halls we stand, And marvel at each work so grand, The beauty that is art’s command, To capture our hearts, and expand.

The brush, the chisel, the pen, Each artist’s tool, to summon when, They seek to capture the essence within, And draw us in, to where we’ve never been.

The beauty of seeing art unfold, Is like a story, yet untold, Each work of art a treasure to hold, And memories that will never grow old.

So let us take the time to see, The beauty that surrounds us free, In galleries and halls, we’ll be, In awe of art’s eternal majesty.

Graphics: Luke van Heerwaarden