January 31, 2024


By Fey Fey Worldwide

January 31, 2024


By Fey Fey Worldwide

SHOWTIME, a mockumentary film narrating the process behind the making of an imaginary fashion show, as an integral part of Fey Fey Worldwide Spring/Summer 2024 collection a soft fashion designer. SHOWTIME is directed by Lishan Liu and co-written by Liby Hays. All cast members involved are friends and actual participants in the fashion industry who play themselves. And everyone on screen is wearing clothes from Fey Fey Worldwide S/S24. The maker is the wearer!



Starring Fey Fey Yufei Liu, Ranxelle Soria, Nat Carlson, Liby Hays, Joyce Keokham, Jackie Shuya Tan, Ninghui Yang, Aaron Atsuo Shanmugaratnam, Mimi Nan Jiang, Ruby Rodgers, Chloe Cowan, Precious Star, Violet Elizabeth Batista, Mannat Kaur, Naicha Mercier, Amigo, Eddie Yu and Sebastian Bidegain

Chloe & Jackie


Mannat & Nai




Ruby & Voilet

Creative Director: Fey Fey Yufei Liu

Garment Presentation: Ranxelle Soria

Stylist Assistant:  Jiggy Choi

Hair Stylist Matia Emsellem

Hair Stylist Assist: Jonahi O Rosa

Makeup Artsist: Nat Carlson

Film Director: Lishan Liu

Screenwriter: Liby Hays

DOP: Xiaoyang Jin

1ST AD: Bethany Yeap

1ST AC: Holden Pham

Gaffer: Josue Hurst

Grip Swing: Larry Flores B

Electric Set Boy: Jonathan Tang

Sound Mixer: Andy Liu

Film Score & Sound Design: Dida

Production Designer: Sebastian Bidegain

Production Designer Assistant: Ninghui Yang

Producer: Joyce Keokham

Production Assistant: Sammy Kim

Prod PA: 1: Jackson Lee

Prod PA: 2: Eddie Yu

Prod PA Driver:  Peaches Barnette

Dog Wrangler: Yunna Ao