<p>The <em>K</em>indergarten  <em>T</em>eac<em>h</em>er</p>

June 6, 2019

The Kindergarten  Teacher

For What It's Worth

And with bubbling butterflies she tacks up the once bright white sheets to the wall, now smudged by messy fingers and adorned in colourful scratchings that tell tall tales of those small lives to be yet lived…
Oh how she loves those kids and for them and them alone she toils. Scratch that — for them she toils, and toil too does she for her Y/Project.

She need not a fancy car, she can walk from school and back. The only wheel she need get behind is her Y/Project silver ring collar such to let it spin and have its fortune rain on her sweet children.
She need not a fancy house, she is home where she has her kids and her glorious Y/Project horned moon half hoops that curl up off her perked ears to lash warm tides on the stony shores where her little ones frolic as she watches from afar for she risks not wet her leather Y/Project platform sandals lest the snakeskin become tarnished.
She need not even fancy friends; they disappoint her. she has her kids, and her Y/Project accordion bags, in red, white, black, big or small you name it she has them all, and with them she shall play a tune of the sweetest dulcet tones for the tiny cherubs she finds herself lucky enough to be guiding to and guided by.
She doesn’t need it all… only her Y/Project. oh, and also her kids.

“she need not a fancy car.”

“she need not a fancy house.”

“she need not even fancy friends.”

“only her Y/Project.”

Words & Styling: Alex Malicki Casas
Photography: Neva Wireko
Hair & Makeup: Steph George
Model: Ghazel Bhatti